Hip Hip Hooray!

We just got word that our application was a success.  Ours was just one of the applications of the 1,862,319 tickets requested during the first-round of ticket applications.

The 1.8 million-plus applications came from 205 countries, with the highest number of ticket applications, around 30%, coming from South Africans. The other 70% of applications came from the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Australia, in that order, according to an article at http://www.shine2010.co.za (http://www.shine2010.co.za/goodnews.php?article_id=291).

So you can say, the odds were against us.  But we got ’em!

Of the 1.8 million plus tickets requested,555,871 tickets were drawn successfully.  Of those, 245,948 tickets were drawn to South African residents. Outside the host country, the highest number of tickets drawn was to residents of the United States (69,208 tickets), followed by the United Kingdom (39,421 tickets) and Germany (29,330 tickets).

We have team-specific tix to follow South Africa for 4 games which guarantees us tix to the opening game!  We will get to watch all 3 group games and if the advance to the round of 16 (they have a good chance, the host country has never NOT advanced past the group stages) we will watch their round of 16 game.

Woohoo.  So excited!  A year in the waiting and it’s actually happening.  No more ticketing rounds to wait for!!!

SA here we come….in a year!


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