From today’s (5/4) PSFK: Authentic Advocacy


Today’s PSFK had a short article that is right in-line with my thinking and is how I’m hoping companies will be approaching their CSR/corporate investment initiatives in South Africa around the WC.

According to the article “almost 80% of Americans are more likely to switch to the brand supporting a good cause over a competitor with the same price and quality (unsure of their source).”

The authors, Frank Striefler and Erik Hanson of (TBWAMedia Arts Lab), continue saying “authentic advocacy is about picking a self-motivated cause a company already genuinely believes in, and allowing that cause to be integral across the entire organization – not an isolated corporate responsibility program.”

Hip Hip Hoozah to that! I wholeheartedly agree.  Are corporations going to step up and “be the cause you’re brand is already about”?  I’m particularly interested in what Nike will do, in light of Adidas having deep connections with FIFA.  Will they continue to live their brand and support their cause of promoting sport and accomplishment at all levels; the idea that everyman/woman can be an athlete?  What sort of projects/initiatives will they support/start?

And what is Adidas’s cause that their “brand is already about.”  Their tagline of “impossible is nothing” can go a long way and if they can really put that to action in contributing to South Africa’s economic and social development, they will certainly be living the idea that “impossible is nothing.”  Many people doubted (and still doubt) the ability for an African country to host an event of this size.  Will Adidas play a crucial role in proving the doubters wrong?  Hope so…

Here’s an example the authors cite, showing how tasty ice cream makers, Haagen Daz, are “being the cause their brand is already about” via their Help the Honey Bees campaign  Right on, ice cream makers.

And here’s another example the authors provide of Burton’s, Power to the Poachers campaign


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