Forbes List of Most Reputable Global Companies

In a previous post I linked to the recently release Forbes list of America’s most reputable companies as ranked by the Reputation Institute.

Now Forbes has released their list of the most reputable companies around the world according to the Reputation Institute.

Here is the link to the full list:

But here’s their top 10: (company name, country, category)

  1. Ferrero, Italy, Consumer Products (Chocolate)
  2. Ikea, Sweden, General Retail
  3. Johnson & Johnson, US, Consumer Products
  4. Petrobras, Brazil, Energy
  5. Sadia, Brazil, Food Manufacturing
  6. Nintendo, Japan, Computer
  7. Christian Dior, France, Consumer Products
  8. Kraft Foods, US, Food Manufacturing
  9. Mercadona, Spain, Food Retail
  10. Singapore Airlines,  Singapore, Airlines & Aerospace (Aerospace, that sounds nice)

Any thoughts on this list? Any surprises?  Didn’t think I would see an energy company there, especially one not named BP.  Also surprised to see Christian Dior – I would be interested to learn more about what they do that makes them particularly reputable.

Next I’ll list who Forbes ranked as the biggest gainers and the biggest losers…


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3 Responses

  1. Ikea seems a bit strange–weren’t they drawing some flak for corporate governance issues of their foundation–family controlled–not publishing reports and no way of knowing where they were spending their money. By the way doesn’t the foundation own Ikea as well?

    • I’m not sure. I’ll have to do a bit more research into that…but I think Ikea generally engenders good will for their good design at accessible prices

    • I couldn’t really find anything concerning this issue you mentioned. If you have any info on where I could find out more about Ikea’s issues – let me know!



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