Appears that a South African star, already a McDonald’s Ambassador, will be joining the EPL!

Rumors are that Wigan in the English Premier League are set to sign Teko Modise!  Congrats to Teko!

Teko, had already been tapped by McDonald’s South Africa, as the Players Escort Programme Ambassador for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Teko Modise, McDonald's Ambassador

Teko Modise, McDonald's Ambassador; image can be found at

Though this isn’t breaking news, I recently learned of it and thought it was a very smart move by McDonald’s to tap a local star, beloved by football loving South Africans, as the main figure in their campaign.  It shows care for local knowledge and knowing your audience.  McD’s could have picked one of any international stars, but focused on a local celebrity.  This move could only bolster their brand in the South African market place.

Correction: as of July 1, 2009 there have been no confirmed reports of Teko going to any team though there is reported interest by teams in Serie A and the Premier League.


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