Article on WC brand awareness in South Africa

A recent article in Sports Business featured an interview with Rob Horton, head of sport at SKOPOS research.  Mr. Horton’s firm used its South African research panel to gauge the views of people in the country about the role of sponsors at the 2010 World Cup. They presented their findings  figures from the leading brands at November’s Soccerex Football Convention.

Some interesting quotes from Mr. Horton’s interview were:

“There is the element of creating a legacy for the people of South Africa after the tournament. It has been noticed that there is a general feeling among South Africans that when the World Cup is finished, brands will then desert them and head on to Brazil without investing in the country’s infrastructure. This is a perception brands must work to overcome. For instance, are they maximising the brand equity by making their products available to the large proportion of the South African public? Are they catering for the tourists alone or are they also focusing on the desires, needs and requirements of the local population?”

“Brands have to look at ways that they can get out beyond the big cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and increase their exposure among South Africans.”

“For example, infrastructure, such as hotels and roads, are improving in South Africa already in advance of the event and giving the prospects of a long-term legacy a genuine chance”

It comes back to corporate responsibility. This is now key to all verticals across all industries. Anything that promotes a company or a sporting organisation in a positive way will lead to increased loyalty and an affiliation with that brand and club. This is definitely something I can see coming to the fore even more in football and across all sports in the next few years, particularly as a number of commercial sponsors may have less money to invest given the current economic climate.”

It’s really wonderful to know that this research and perspective are being presented to top brands and sponsors.  Now let’s hope that they are hearing this perspective and not just listening and nodding their head.

The full interview can be found here:


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