Coca Cola and FIFA: Sharing the trophy (and their brand) with the Continent


via Google Images

The World Cup has long been praised as Africa’s World Cup, not just that for the host country, South Africa.  And long-time World Cup sponsor, Coca-Cola, is helping make that a reality by sponsoring a continent wide parade of the coveted World Cup trophy.  According to the ESPN Soccernet  article, ” The cup is due to land in Egypt on Sept. 21 and end up in Cape Town on December 3 after being displayed to up to half a million people on the continent.”

This is pretty brilliant for Coca-Cola.  Not that they need the brand exposure in remote parts of the Continent.  Coca-Cola has probably the best brand exposure in the world.  I’ve traveled to some fairly remote places in the world , and of all “Western” brands, you’re likely to see a Coke can or bottle, or at the least the wavy Coca-Cola logo painted on a wall.

But this is a nice initiative to put their effort behind.  Not only does it get the brand exposure related to the World Cup in every African country, but it’s a long-lasting initiative that will give them more coverage than any short-term sponsorship would provide.

Sharing the World Cup trophy around the continent won’t be feeding hungry mouths or educating children.  And critics will raise the fact that Coca-Cola certainly has the resources to do something that will have a larger impact.  But you can’t underestimate the power of inspiration to get through hard times or spark the next superstar.  And inspiration and hope, represented by the trophy, are exactly what Coca-Cola are sharing with the continent.

Not terrible in my humble opinion.

Full article can be found here:


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