Marketing around Confed Cup?

Crickets….that’s all I’m hearing concerning marketing efforts around the Confederations Cup.  Is it just too early?  Am I not seeing the local efforts when watching from the USA?  Is the Confed Cup, although the prelude to the World Cup, not worth the media spend/CSR effort, particularly in this economy?  Are brands saving their money for the real event?  Or, beyond the main sponsors and the coverage they receive in their on-field advertisements, are brands simply not interested? I did notice one TV ad about the development of new fields featuring sponsorship/endorsement from Emirates Airlines, but that was it.

I don’t know the exact numbers, but I’m certain millions of football fans worldwide were watching these games.  Though nothing close to the amount of eyeballs that will be transfixed during the World Cup next year, there was ample opportunity for sponsors and other brands to showcase their efforts and build greater brand awareness.

But perhaps this was just too early, the event not important enough in these lean economic times.  I guess we’ll just have wait and see when the tipping point will come…will it be 10 months before the event (this September)…6 months?  Will it come at all?  Or am I being too optimistic?  If I am, I would love to be able to help prove a brand wrong and support their efforts to invest in South Africa and subsequently invest in their brand’s market share among South African consumers.


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