Adidas and Chelsea team up for some local community work

I saw this video via a message posted by Guilherme Guimaraes, Sponsorship Supervisor at Rio2016 bid.  He posted it  on the LinkedIn Group, Sponsorship Insights, of which I’m a member.

Chelsea and Adidas have apparently constructed some pitches, in Chelsea blue of course, around west London, to provide spaces for youth to play. They used some of their star players (Ballack and Lampard) to promote the initiative.

I applaud their efforts; it’s always good to see teams/brands taking care of their own backyard (community) and I’m sure it will certainly build good will for both brands with the local population.  However, in this instance, as a huge sponsor of FIFA, how come we haven’t really heard of Adidas’ efforts around the World Cup in South Africa or other parts of the world.  Do they feel it’s enough that they are sponsors of both the event and the majority of the team kits (Bafana Bafana included)?  I have heard something about Adidas building pitches around South Africa; where’s the video about that?

I would love to see Adidas take a more pro-active and strategic posture with their CSR initiatives in South Africa.  They have the leverage as FIFA sponsor; they should use that platform to build even more brand awareness and good will towards their brand; it can only help their position in what is already an extremely competitive sports apparel market.

For more information about Guilherme’s blog go to:


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