Mahindra Satyam: Promising to deliver…in business

Re-branded logo

Re-branded logo via Google Images

In a post dated 6/23 (link: I wrote about the Indian tech giant and World Cup sponsor, Satyam who had recently gone through a re-brand as part of their efforts to emerge from corporate scandal.  I had posed the question to see if Satyam would embrace this opportunity to undertake some CSR initiatives in South Africa, not only to build some consumer good will but to also, and possibly more importantly, boost employee morale.

Well an article on http://www.sports-city.orghighlighted Satyam’s active participation in providing the tech backbone for the World Cup.  The article mentioned how much Satyam has invested, both monetarily and in human resources, to supporting the Confederations Cup and how much they’ll have to ramp up for the big event next year.   So it appears they are definitely in it for the long haul.  And if the article is correct, it appears that their efforts and promise to the country, have already contributed to the brokerage of a few multi-million Rand contracts.

Now let’s just see if they go beyond promising great service delivery (which they should do!) to doing some work in the community.  Perhaps some pro-bono tech-consulting for a few select small businesses?  Maybe some free technology for orphanages?  Something?   These sort of initiatives may be unlikely, since they are a B2B company (so aren’t selling to the general public), but I can wish can’t I?

Full article can be found here:


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