Sony, World Cup Sponsor, supports the Soca Warriors of Trinidad & Tobago


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Sony, an official World Cup sponsor, is taking a page out of the Nike playbook. They are supporting a full national team, in this case the Soca Warriors from Trinidad and Tobago, with the hopes of building greater brand awareness in the Caribbean.  An article, on the Soca Warriors website, states that Sony are committing $70,000 USD to support a local sports team (I believe, on top of their national team sponsorship), in order to extend their brand in the region.

Trinidad and Tobago are the smallest nation to ever be represented at the World Cup, playing in Germany in 2006, and is not guaranteed a spot in the upcoming event in South Africa.  This is an interesting sponsorship choice for Sony.  They say that the warrior spirit of the Soca Warriors, T&T’s nickname, aligns with the Sony brand .  Really?  Also, without a guaranteed place in the World Cup, is Sony throwing their support behind a team that might not get them the most brand exposure?  Is the Caribbean market somewhere that Sony is experiencing fierce competition, so are using this move to stake a claim?  Oh to be a fly on the wall.

T&T Flag

T&T Flag

While I applaud Sony’s efforts to support a small and up & coming team, could their goal of greater brand awareness be achieved by utilizing some of their resources to support some community initiatives?  The 2007/2008  UNDP Human Development Index report ranks them just ahead of Syria in terms of gross primary, secondary, and tertiary school enrollments and just ahead of Belarus and Moldova in terms of life expectancy.  Maybe there are opportunities to support education and health initiatives?  It’s a small island nation – it seems like small and visible actions could go a long way with building good-will with the public.  Just my $0.02

Full article can be found here:


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