‘Coolest’ brands among youth in South Africa revealed

The Sunday Times recently released the results to their fifth annual Generation Next Survey.  They surveyed over 5,000 urbanites in the 8-22 year old range and the results reveal some  surprising insight into how young South Africans perceive and respond to consumer and corporate brands, and which they think are the “coolest.”

A few interesting tidbits:

Coolest Cellphone: Nokia (1st), Samsung was placed 2nd, dropping from 1st place in 2008

Coolest Fashion Label: Adidas moved into 1st place, Nike came in 2nd, and Puma 3rd. Levi’s was 4th, followed by , Dolce & Gabbana, new to the category, taking 5th place.  2007 and 2008 winner, Billabong, ranked number 6 this year.

Coolest Alternative Brand. The overall winner is Ama Kip Kip, lifestyle and clothing brand. Converse took 2nd place.

Coolest Fun Destination: Sun City, for the third year in a row

Coolest Shopping Centre: Gateway.

Coolest Domestic Airline: a new category, saw SAA taking the coolness trophy. SAA’s sister brand, Mango’s were in 2nd place.

Coolest Music Channel: Trace TV (1st).  MTV dropped to number 4 and MTV Base to number 3 from 1st and 2nd positions in 2007 and 2008.

Overall Coolest Brand: Cola-Cola – was ranked 6th in 2007 and moving to 1st position in 2008, retains the number 1 spot. Nokia took second place. Nike moved up the ranks to 3rd place, from 9th in 2008.

Coolest Grocery Retailer: Pick n Pay won the for the fifth year running,

Coolest Bank: ABSA took first also for the 5th year in a row.

Of note: Nike had a striking Generation Next year with wins in the Coolest Sports Store, Coolest Brand Slogan and Coolest Company categories.

As did Edgars, winning the Coolest Fashion Retailer category and achieving 4th placings in both Coolest Brand and Coolest Company categories.

It appears that there are a few international #2 or #3 brands, such as Samsung, Nike, and Puma, that could do a little more to gain the favor of South African youths.  Perhaps some youth-focused initiatives around the World Cup? Couldn’t hurt?

But what do the youth know anyway, right?

Full article can be found here:http://www.know.co.za/knowitall/ViewArticle/tabid/108/Default.aspx?headline=Generation%20X%20-%20a%20new%20style%20of%20cool


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