Charlize Theron, South African star, gets in on the WC action!


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Charlize Theron is beautiful.  And South African.  And is now getting in on the action with supporting community efforts around the World Cup.  Good on ya’ Charlize!

The blog ‘The Real Footie Analystreported that:

South Africa’s Oscar Award winning actress Charlize Theron plans to build community football programmes for underprivileged children in South Africa.

In addition to football fields, uniforms and equipment, kids involved in the programme will receive health education and services.

The project will serve schools in South Africa’s Umkhanyakude District in northern KwaZulu\Natal, an area plagued by a high rate of HIV infection.

Theron says she is hoping to have the first fields built by the time the 2010 World Cup begins on June 11.

The World Cup is a huge, huge thing for South Africans and for Africa. The pride Africans have of hosting this is tremendous,” Theron said.

The question is; how do we generate that into other areas and have more of an impact?

Some of the proceeds from the recent charity match between England’s Chelsea and Italy’s Inter at the Rose Bowl have already been donated to the programme.

Theron’s Africa Outreach Project has already helped bring mobile health units to rural Umkhanyakude, which lies some 360km north east of Durban.

With the mobile clinics, the pupils now have monthly access to nurses and counsellors, education classes designed to prevent HIV and programmes that teach basic computer skills.

“When you give just a few of these normal things we have at our beck and call every day to a community, they want to take that knowledge and make it their own,” said Theron.

The question is; how do we generate that into other areas and have more of an impact?

Right on Ms. Theron.  I hope she can use some of her international superstar clout to ask that question of other celebrities, companies for whom she acts as spokesperson/face, etc.  Getting celebrities, and a globally known South African celebrity, at that, to ask some of those tough questions of themselves, their peers, and the corporate sector, will be key to getting companies to start answering with some significant responses/initiatives.

Full article can be found here:


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