Social Enterprise: Kick 4 Change

kick4change_logoThrough the powers of Twitter I recently learned about Kick 4 Change, a UK based social enterprise that makes it’s own branded football boots (or cleats).  The social enterprise part kicks in where they plan to donate 50% of their profits to organizations supporting sports/youth development in communities that need the support.  For example, when you buy a pair of boots, 50% of that profit will go to supporting a program in the UK or in a developing country.


Photo from Kick4Change Flickr stream

I thought this sounded like a grand idea so I wrote them via their e-mail address on their website.  I figured they were new and small enough that the owners were still likely the ones replying to their inquiry e-mails and I was correct.  That same day I got in touch with Simon Brown, one of the owners of the company.  Coincidentally,  David Connor of Coethica, told me he had met with the guys from Kick4Change earlier that day, so I knew this was fate.

I told Simon I was a fan of the idea and a little bit about what I was writing/researching about.  He let me know they were interested in doing some initiatives around the World Cup in South Africa.  I put him in touch with my friend Adam Boros (guest blogger), who overseas the South Africa programs for a wonderful NGO in South Africa called JAM (  I told him about Grass Root Soccer (, an innovative NGO that supports educational initiatives, with particular focus on HIV/AIDS education, in Africa via football.  Simon mentioned that they would be very interested in talking with them and actually had them on their radar, so I put them in touch with Chet Clem, the marketing manager for Grass Root Soccer.  Who knows where this will all lead, but I’m so thrilled to have played a role in connecting all of these wonderful organizations!

Thanks Twitter!  And thanks to all of these inspirational and generous people at these great organizations!

I’ll keep you updated if anything comes out of these talks!

For Flickr images of Kick4Change’s recent trip to Africa go to:

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3 Responses

  1. Great post JIm.

    Glad to see you were as impressed by Simon & Jamie as I was! They have a wonderful concept and deserve all the support they can garner, so it was heartening to see another contact for them mentioned.

    It makes me miss my days in football!


  2. I meant John not Jim!

    Can’t talk and type at the same time 😦

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