Regional tourism – World Cup benefit for neighboring countries

A recent article in New Era, a Namibian newspaper, highlighted the opportunities for boosting regional tourism surrounding the upcoming World Cup in South Africa. The article quotes Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba saying:

transfrontier conservation areas are a good mechanism for spreading the tourism benefits of hosting the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup in Africa, through branding and marketing the SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) region as a favourable tourism and investment destination.

This is a great perspective on how regional countries, particularly bordering countries, can try to capitalize on tourism around the World Cup.

The article continues to state:

There are 51 packaged investment opportunities in the seven transfrontier conservation areas, which range from small and medium lodge type developments to multi-million-dollar development projects.

This is very encouraging.  But a major challenge will be getting tourists, who will likely fly in and out of Capetown and Johannesburg, to these border transfrontier areas.  Perhaps they are packaging trips with tour operators.  If you’re a traveler on more of a budget, and you’re okay with riding small vans on dirt roads, 29 hour buses, or other less posh forms of transportation it may be an adventure just getting there.  But it may be hard to get the run-of-the mill World Cup goer to make the trek on their own.  But I surely hope many people will, because the region, not only South Africa, is absolutely beautiful.  And as they’ve said from the beginning these games are Africa’s games, not just South Africa’s.

For full article go to:

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