Podcast: Dreamfields Project, football, and CSR in South Africa

logo-dreamfieldsI learned of this podcast from Twitter colleague, @OKL, who sent me the link.  I had heard of the Dreamfields Project before but getting to hear an in-person interview with the founder of the project, John Perlman, is waaaaay better than reading a press-release.

Here’s the link to the podcast: just click on the play button (you can also read a transcript of the interview if you scroll down a little bit)


A few highlights from the interview:

…think one of the profound challenges that a World Cup brings to anybody is, not just the challenge to build stadiums and…deal with the security questions, but actually challenges us to be the best we can be and to make a contribution. My view of a successful World Cup is that it’s not going to depend fundamentally on the stadiums –  it depends fundamentally on the mood, and that mood in term depends on the extent to which people feel included and involved. There’s a party in your house, you want to be enjoying it as well.

…We do invest some of that money, by the way, back into communities, but I think BHP Billiton and Old Mutual have shown extraordinary vision in the way Dreamfields has been set up because they created something that, yes they branded and that was there’s, but they invited lots and lots of other companies to come and make a contribution to the work that we do.

…We’ve partnered with probably about 45 small companies already and if you look at JSE (my note: Johannesburg Stock Exchange) listed and large corporations, probably another 30 to 35 have made contributions to Dreamfields, so very much welcomed in by our founder partners to come and share and take part.

…I think some of them have certainly told their stakeholders and stakeholders that like to be involved with about what they’re doing, some have done it through company newsletters, some have done it through other mailers. We’ve put adverts from Dreamfields, Old Mutual and BHP Billiton into the press and so on, but I think, ja it’s more in the CSR space, but it’s a very colourful opportunity, particularly when you’re targeting a local community, to say something about, “Hi we’re here, we’re involved in all this excitement and we care about your kids

The Dreamfields project is a great idea.  It provides a full soccer kit for a team of up to 15 (boots, balls, shin guards, jerseys, shorts, etc.) which can be sponsored by or purchased by corporations, individuals, etc.  Their goal is support the growth of youth football in schools all over the country but they see this project as an opportunity to engage people from all over South Africa in the lead up to the World Cup.

Mr. Perlman discusses corporate social responsibility around the 5:40 mark but I would highly recommend listening in, intently if you have 11:40 to spare, or in the background if you’re busy.

For more information on the Dreamfields Project go to:



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