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I’ve recently been in touch with Sab Singh, NYU adjunct professor and founder of the sports business consultancy, the Kaur Group.  Sab contacted me through this blog and we started a good dialogue, discovering that we shared many common interests as well as a shared experience at Georgetown University.

He was kind enough to ask if I would contribute a post to his blog sports doing good and I jumped at the opportunity.  My first article is a re-post of my October 15th post titled “What the World Cup Means (and could mean) for Business.”

The post is slightly different from my October 15th post in that it incorporates thoughts on an earlier post Sab wrote on October 31 titled “Another factor to consider – legacy” which reflects on the issue of the legacy of these huge sports events.  Interestingly, Sab pointed out how England, in their 2018 bid to host the World Cup, is focusing on the  social legacy of the games (diversity, social development, etc.); a relevant and pointed departure from the emphasis on economic development resulting from the 2010 games in South Africa and 2014 to come in Brazil.

Click here to read my full post on Sab’s blog.

About Prof. Singh:

Sab Singh is an experienced business strategy and market research professional. For more than 12 years he has  advised, alone and as part of teams, a number of clients, from multinationals to niche, fast growing entities on their most pressing and promising branding, marketing, strategy, and business development issues. Working with those in, and touched by, the world of sports business is what he does at the Kaur Group.

For more about Sab Singh go to:


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  1. I can’t wait to read your guest post, and I Stumbled this post as well.

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