Adidas vs. Puma vs. Nike Infographic

Infographic from Meet The Boss

I recently came across a neat infographic on PSFK from the Meet The Boss site.  The static image to the left doesn’t do the infographic justice so I would recommend you click on this image and go straight to the Meet The Boss link.  There you can zoom in and read the small type and get more of a holistic understanding of the histories and backgrounds of the Big 3.

Basically this infographic provides the histories of Adidas, Nike, and Puma, the three biggest sports brands in the world.  As PSFK states:

In anticipation of this Summer’s World Cup, this infographic depicts the three key global athletic footwear brands that will be battling for best representation, and visible association with top teams and players, during and after the global championship. The graphic informs on the size (revenues), leadership, acquisition history and brand portfolios of Adidas, Puma and Nike – with Nike still being the global lead (in terms of revenue), but with Adidas catching up quickly.

The article also poses the question:

It will be interesting to see how the World Cup – and each brand’s representation within it -impacts their sales of soccer-related merchandise, and total revenues.

I’ve written about this issue on this site before so it’s interesting to see it addressed by some sites I really respect.  And as the games get even closer, it will be interesting to see how each of these three brands steps up their efforts to leverage the attention around the World Cup during the summer of 2010.  And as I’ve promoted, I firmly believe CSR efforts could do a lot to win “hearts and minds” throughout South Africa, the Continent and beyond.

To read the PSFK article click here:[Was+Marktd]%29

However something that’s caught my eye is Puma’s effort to authentically own African football.  I believe they’ve been deliberate in this effort by sponsoring many African national teams over the years, but if you watch the video below, you can tell they’ve invested in the idea of African football as a whole.  They recognize that this World Cup belongs to all of Africa, and by leveraging the stars they have as spokespeople (John Mensah, Emanual Eboue, Samuel E’to), they can connect with consumers around the Continent.  I think it’s a smart strategy.  Also, it’s a beautifully shot piece and I for one would be very happy to see Puma continue creating pieces like this.

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