En Route to the World Cup! It’s really happening!

I’ve been thinking about this event ever since it was announced, in May of 2004, that South Africa would be hosting the 2010 World Cup.  When I mentioned this to a friend they said “that’s the amount of time that passes when you graduate from college” and when you think about it, it’s actually the equivalent of college and a little bit of graduate school thrown in there.

Needless to say I’ve been waiting for this for a long time; a lot of anticipation and a lot of patience.  And who knew that this blog would be alive and kicking?  One year and more than 53,000 page views later, the big event is here, smacking me in the face. So big thanks to all of you for spending some time with me here.

I’m about to head off for an epic 2 days of travel (52 hrs and 4 airlines) to get to Capetown but it will all be worth it!  I’ll try my best to blog and tweet from around the country to capture how the games are impacting folks all over the country.  And of course, watch a little footie.  So please continue to check-in!

Cheers! And may the best team win! But ultimately may South Africa, the region, and its people be the biggest winners!


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