Guest Post: Kicking Malaria Out of Africa

By Andrew Bonifiglia

June 13, 2010 – Johannesburg, South Africa

Kicking Malaria Out of Africa

There are plenty of good causes that will benefit from the hype, sponsorship, and promotion that the World Cup brings to South Africa. One in particular caught my interest; United Against Malaria (

With a mission to “Kick Malaria Out of Africa” the organization is using the World Cup as a platform to promote malaria prevention and treatment. Like HIV/AIDS, malaria is not only a social and health issue, but an economic one. Employee sick days, lost productivity from those infected with the disease, and employee vacation or unpaid leave due to family members having the illness all impact a company’s bottom line. 850,000 people die from malaria each year[i]. When you take into consideration the points I just made, that can add up to millions upon millions of Rands. And please don’t think I’m cold hearted. The reason the economics are so important is because organizations like United Against Malaria, coupled with the reach and financial resources of governments and large corporations operating in Africa, can win the fight against malaria. Behavioral change is the ultimate goal. The population at-large needs to understand the risks associated with malaria, how it can be prevented, and most importantly, MODIFY behavior to mitigate the chance of becoming part of the statistics. Hopefully, the amount of coverage the World Cup draws to UAM and malaria in general will be the impetus to an Africa where malaria has been “kicked out.”

And just a final comment; the push to reduce the number of malaria cases in Africa is not a new thing. However, the paradox is that it is a completely preventable disease and one that can be treated (much easier than HIV/AIDS). With that in mind, I think it is a cause worth fighting for and one where the goal can be realized if all of the stakeholders come together.

[And a quick thank you to Celia Deitz who is working for United Against Malaria and was kind enough to give me a few minutes of her time to learn about the great work she and the organization are doing] [i]

One Response

  1. Dear Sir /Madam
    We are very happy to introduce our self to you w are the RURAL HEALTH FOUNDATION we are base in the south west region of Cameroon ,
    Our main objective is to take good care of people living with Malaria,tuberculosis and HIV and AIDS and as for now those are the 3 major health problems in Cameroon and statistic have proof the 2.5milion people die of those illnesses every year
    and the people who suffer must from those illnesses are people from the rural communities who don’t have assess health facilities ,so we are moving to them to educate,prevent,and treat them with the little we have
    So we are pleading with you to help us so the we can help those in need of our help to let you know the( N,G,O ) RURAL HEALTH FOUNDATION is a non governmental/political organizations But w are working in collaborations with some local churches
    we are call on any organization to look on those people

    Please the must critical illness in those rural area is Malaria and the venerable group i mean the group of people who suffer from this illness are pregnant women ,children below 5 years and some elderly people
    we wait your response
    Thanks Mr Endoh Echani Henry
    Health Delegate
    check point molyko Buea
    south west region Cameroon
    Email ; or
    tell;+23774774380 or 95029019

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