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Thanks to everyone who helped make this blog what it is.  The blog started as a personal interest.  But I soon found out there was a community of people who were thinking about some of the same questions.  And since I started, this blog has had over 84,000 page views. Not my intention at all from the start, so I’m just absolutely amazed and pleased that it was able to reach some folks and help others connect.  Truly, the support, contributions (written), encouragement, and connections made over the last year and half have been amazing.   And I hope that it continues far into the future.

So I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge and say a resounding THANKS to the folks below (in no particular order).  I can’t thank you enough; you’ll always have my admiration and gratitude!

Apologies in advance for anyone I may have left off.

Gary Benham, Head of Communications, Pretoria: Foreign & Commonwealth Office. You can read his blog here:

Steve Fleming, CEO of Kick for Life, an amazing charity organization.

Adam Boros, friend, gracious host in South Africa, and amazing on-the ground correspondent. Read his many guest posts on this blog by clicking on the “guest post” section to the right.

Jamie Tosh, social entrepreneur, world-changer and co-founder of Kick4Change.  You can follow him and the company on twitter @Kick4Change

Andrew Bonfiglio, fellow Cornell alum, guest post contributor, and fellow party-goer in South Africa.  You can read more about the company he started and launched in South Africa, Emzingo, at

Caitlin Halferty, friend, grad-school classmate, guest post contributor, and IBM corporate service corps member.  

Mike Herman – Founder of Compton United.  Check out their site here and follow him on twitter @urbanfocus

Aykan Gulten, formerly with Nike’s Sustainable Business & Innovation team in Amsterday. You can read his blog here and follow him on twitter @AykanGulten

Mathew, founder of You can check out his world cup related site here and follow him on twitter @mathaix and @dzcus_worldcup.

Sab Singh, NYU professor and principal at the Kaur Group, and editor of Sports Doing Good. You can follow the blog on twitter @sportsdoinggood

David Connor, CSR guru, fellow football junkie, and CEO of Coethica, a CSR consultancy. You can follow David on twitter @davidcoethica

Elaine Cohen, CSR and reporting guru, and person who got me started on twitter. Thanks Elaine! You can read her blog, CSR and Reporting here. And you can follow her on twitter @elainecohen

Tracey Savell Reavis, journalist and guest post contributor.  Check out her company, Philanthropy Scores

G Kofi Annan, Africa, branding, and trends thought leader: Check out his site Annansi Monitor follow him on twitter @GKofiAnnan

Ken G Kabira, branding expert, arsenal supporter and friend

Minesh Parikh, friend and media planning guru. Follow him on twitter @ideas_economy

Norman Brook, Brook Sport and Leisure. Read his blog here and follow him on twitter @BrookSport

Marco Puccia, social entrepreneur and CSR journalist.  Had a lot of fun doing the video interview with him which can be found here. Check out his site and follow him on twitter @marcopuccia

Dave Tait, social entrepreneur, football follower, South African, neat guy.  Follow him on twitter @taitdave and on the Business Fights Poverty Ning

Aman Singh, Editor of’s CSR Blog, In Good Company.  You can follow her on twitter at @VaultCSR

My wife, Amanda, all-around awesome

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