Want Stories?

Are you a business who would like to gain access to stories, interviews, anecdotes, quotes, video, images, etc. about your product or brand in South Africa around the World Cup? If so,  please send me a message.

I will be attending the games and conducting research, interviewing, and blogging from South Africa before, during, and after the games are over.   I can try to include questions about your brand or product when talking to and interviewing people on the street.  I can’t promise all comments will be favorable, but I can guarantee it will be authentic.

You can contact me at: johnsunkim+WorldcupCSR at gmail dot com


6 Responses

  1. perhaps you could try to find a way to calculate the carbon footprint of the World Cup…. !

  2. Will you also be looking at neighboring countries and the spill over effect?I am particularly interested in Swaziland and I am currently gathering some info in case you are interested….

    • Marcela,

      I am interested in the spill over effect and the opportunity for regional (and continental impact) since the whole Continent will be watching the games intently. But I have not focused much on what is happening on the ground in neighboring countries. If you are willing I’d love for you to contribute a post (or do a running contribution i.e. once a month; every 2 weeks, etc.) on what you’re learning about what’s happening in Swaziland.

      Let me know if this interest you.

      Thanks for writing!


  3. hi im a student @ cput and im writing a report about how small buninesses benefited from the world cup i would really appreciated it if you could help me find articles that actually highlight small businesses that benefited from the world cup thank you

    • Here is an example of World Cup CSR threatening the existence of a small African social enterprise because marketing is taking precedence over impact. Hyundai are dumping ‘1 million Dream Balls’ on the African continent, that is harming local business.

      • Thanks for sharing this; it sounds like Hyundai could have done more to both get their marketing message across (dream balls) and make an impact at the local level.

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